Discover the beauty of a unique ensemble that combines flute and electric guitar creating a euphoric atmosphere: Valuri De Mătase.

 Flutist Terry Ellen Christophersen and Romanian guitarist Mircea Trifan, demonstrate the diversity of each instrument with a repertoire that includes classical, Romanian and Hungarian folk and Celtic. The two musicians have many years of professional performing experience and are always searching for new sounds and unique repertoire.

 Terry Ellen Christophersen began playing flute at age 7. She graduated from McGill University with Distinction in Flute Performance and has played in many ensembles in Ontario and Quebec: The National Youth Orchestra of Canada; The Huronia Symphony, Barrie Ontario (6 years principal flute); The Windsor Symphony (Ontario); and L’orchestre symphonique de Quebec. She is active in many ensembles in Quebec City and remains flutist with Les Nostalchics, l’orchestre de salon de Quebec.

 Mircea Trifan began by studying piano for three years. This was followed by 11 years of intensive training in acoustic, electric and bass guitar. While still studying, he performed with his professor M. Atilla and began diversifying into jazz improvisation, experimental music and heavy metal. He has played with the Quebec City blues band “Bad Dog” and is a member of the ‘power metal’ band “Astrea.”

Mircea and Terry bring to Valuri De Mătase experience in many genres, creating endless possibilities for new sounds and an ever-expanding repertoire. Their first CD, Valuri De Mătase, is on sale at Archambault in Place Ste Foy, Quebec or can be purchased online at www.archambault.ca.

The following is a list of some recent performances given by Valuri De Mătase:

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Their first CD is also the name of the ensemble, Valuri De Mătase. The CD - a result of two years of work – demonstrates their varied repertoire and cultural diversity. Quebec is, from this point of view, an ideal place to develop such a project. Multiculturalism is more visible than ever, with a mixture of modern cultures growing from the blending of old and new. Valuri De Mătase has captured this flavour of the new society with music from Romania, Hungary, Ireland, the United States and England. Romania is represented by ‘Balada’ and ‘Hora Staccato’. Czardas from Hungary, and ‘Trees on the Mountain’ from the USA. ‘Clergy’s Lamentation’, ‘Nynth Gwcw’, ‘Road to Listonvarna….’, ‘Greensleeves’ and ‘Morris Dance..’ represent Celtic music from the British Isles.

Another extraordinary aspect of this ensemble is their unprecedented instrumentation, flute and electric guitar! Two different sounds by two contrasting instruments create an emotional experience of astonishing quality!

The two musicians did all the arrangements for the album. They also did the recording. Mircea Trifan did the majority of sound engineering. The mastering of the CD was done professionally – and extraordinarily! -  in Montreal by  Mme Rene-Marc Aurele at SNB Mastering. The design of the CD covers and the CD was done by another Romanian, Mr Vlad Oancea. The CD was pressed by Magra Multi Media also in Montreal. Many special thanks go to The Romanian Community of Quebec City for their continued support and encouragement; CKRL for their wonderful encouragement and radio play. Thanks also go to the Museum of Civilization of Quebec and La Maison des Jeune ‘La Repere’ de L’Ancienne Lorette. 


Last updated : March 16, 2005